Armada Competition 2021

The information below applies to Armada 2021, but stay tuned for another edition in 2022.

The winners have been drawn and are contacted through email. To see the list of winners checkout our social medias Instagram and Facebook. We hope you all enjoyed the fair. See you next year!

Short overview

Armada Competition is a gamification of the THS Armada career fair. The goal of the competition is to attract more students to sign up to the fair, encourage students at the fair to be more active, and to get students to participate in other Armada related events. By being interactive at the fair and signing up for events etc. a student earns tickets. These tickets are then raffled out at the end of the fair where the winners get prizes from companies and Armada. The more tickets a student has accumulated the greater their odds are at winning a prize. After a student has won a prize they are no longer in the running for the other prizes. A participant is automatically in the running to win a prize when they have earned a minimum of 25 tickets.

Contact and responsibilities

Filip Ryden, Head of Logistics & Fair is the inventor and responsible for the Armada Competition can be contacted via email Responsible for THS Armada 2021 is Project Manager Josefine Havdelin, reachable at


What gives tickets?

There are a lot of different ways to earn tickets to Armada Competition. The bulk of the tickets are earned by being active at the fair. For a full breakdown of how the tickets are earned look at this document. On Graduateland a participant will earn points by:

  • Filling out their profile
  • Chatting with exhibitors
  • Looking at Live Presentations
  • Visiting exhibitor stalls
  • Viewing available jobs

The fair also has a physical part hosted in Nymble. Inside Nymble participants of the fair can earn tickets by competing in the multitude of games available. 

Outside of the fair days a participant can also earn tickets by attending events hosted by Armada. A participant signs up to an event by going to and registering. Tickets are only awarded to a participant if they show up at the event. During the event weeks there are also going to be days dedicated to Armada’s core values, Sustainability and Diversity. During these special days there will be multiple opportunities for a participant to earn tickets.

Personal data

Our digital partner is Graduateland, they are responsible for collecting and handling all data on their platform. For more information about what information is collected, and how, we refer to Graduateland. Armada gets information about:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Profile Completeness
  • Amount of Live Presentations viewed
  • Total chats
  • Exhibitors Stalls Visited
  • Viewed Job Posts
  • Job Applications

Information given in google forms and applications are handled by THS Armada and follows GDPR.


After the fair is over all tickets from all the different activities are calculated and combined with the information given by Graduateland. The raffle is done digitally with the Mersenne Twister Pseudorandom number generator. Pseudocode can be found here. A participant can only win one time. After a participant has won, their tickets are removed from the raffle meaning they can’t win again. The prizes are raffled out starting from the highest monetary values going down to the lowest monetary values as determined by THS Armada. The first winner gets the first prize, the second winner gets the second prize and so on until no more prizes remain.


Winners will be drawn live on Armada’s facebook in the middle of December (date to be announced). All winners will be contacted by email and have 7 days to claim their prize per Armada’s instructions if nothing else is decided. If a winner fails to respond within 7 days Armada has the right to draw another winner. How to prizes are given out depends in the prize and will be decided together with the winner over email.


Sponsored Prizes

Lantmännen are sponsoring with one semester worth of pasta from Kungsörnen.

Armada Provided Prizes with Sponsorship Money from Companies

  • 4 iPad 64GB worth 3995kr each
  • 5 Giftcards at Yasuragi worth 3000kr each
  • 10 Aukey PW-WL02 powerbank worth 846kr each
  • 20 Giftcard at Adlibris worth 400kr each