Diversity is one of THS Armada's core values. THS Armada truly believes that the best teams are created on the basis of equality, diversity and most importantly inclusion. It makes sense that equal value and opportunities are fundamental to our work. By actively working with this core value, THS Armada aspires to encourage students and companies to make their workplace inclusive. Diversity is promotes and featured in different kinds of events and concepts, which you can explore below. THS Armada’s Diversity policy can be found here!

Diversity Corner

One way THS Armada is accentuating the importance of diversity is through the Diversity Corner, a livestreaming studio that will share information about the most progressive companies when it comes to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. These companies have been carefully selected with the Diversity Team, using a set of meaningful criteria developed by the team, called the Armada Diversity Index (ADI), found here.

If you want to test your knowledge on Diversity and Inclusion, take this quiz! It is also part of Armada Competition and will give you more chance to win the amazing prizes!

Diversity Day

Diversity Day is another way to keep the discussion about equality issues going. The day takes place during the Event Week and consists of several events, where companies and students get a platform to talk about, discuss and engage in diversity practices. This year, Diversity Day is happening on November 9th, on our social media platforms. The team will hold interviews with THS Student groups working with diversity, share insights from the selected companies using the ADI. Finally, Accenture will hold a digital lunch lecture and Knightec will present a webinar featuring inspiring women alumni at 15:00! Make sure to check out @thsarmada on Instagram and the facebook event!

Harassment policy

It is important for us at THS Armada that everyone taking part in the career fair or events feel safe and enjoy their time. This is why we have developed guidelines to follow to make sure everyone’s boundaries are respected and all events go smoothly for everyone involved, within the THS Armada team as well as exhibitors, representatives, partners and attendees. We suggest everyone participating in any way in THS Armada read the policy here!

Help us improve!

It is important for us at THS Armada to keep improving and implementing the latest measures to make it as diverse and equal as possible. Do you have any suggestions? We would love to have your input! Feel free to contact us at a@armada.nu.