Diversity is one of THS Armada’s core values. THS Armada truly believes that the best teams are created when there is a clear focus on equality and diversity. It follows, that equal value and opportunities are fundamental in our work. By actively working with this core value, THS Armada aspires to encourage students and companies to make their workplace inclusive. THS Armada’s Diversity policy can be found here below!

Diversity Day

Diversity Day is a whole day dedicated to Diversity. The day consists of several smaller events, where companies and students get a platform to talk about, discuss and engage in diversity practices. Diversity Day will be held on the 13/11 in this years Armada.

Diversity Room

We, THS Armada, devote a special part of our fair to promoting diversity. This area is called Diversity Room. Companies exhibiting inside Diversity Room are some of the most progressive when it comes to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Visiting Diversity room is a must if you’re interested in how some of the industry leaders works with diversity, what their culture is and which changes are happening right now in the working environment in regard to diversity. Exhibitors in Diversity Room 2019 and the reasoning for having them in the room can be found here below: