Information for Exhibitors

Welcome to the career fair of 2019. We want to give you a great experience and a visit to remember. Therefore, we have gathered everything you need to know before, during and after the fair. We hope that this guide answers all your questions and if you feel like something is missing - do not hesitate to contact us.

#General Info

Dates: November 19th-20th

Fair opening hours:

November 19th: 10:00 - 16:00

November 20th: 10:00 - 15:00

Booth placement:

You can find the location of your booth by visiting our map.

Nymble: Drottning Kristinas väg 15-19, 114 28 Stockholm

KTH Library: Osquars backe 31, 114 28 Stockholm

KTH Entrance: Drottning Kristinas väg 4, 114 28 Stockholm

#Before the fair


When arriving at the fair, you shall visit the information desk to check-in your company/organization. Make sure to contact your host beforehand and tell them when you will arrive - they will meet you and help you with the check-in and stand area. Check-in your organization at the information desk in your specific exhibition hall.

Click here to open the map and view where the information desks are located. Do you want to know which building you will be located in, to find the correct information desk to check in at? Search for your company on the map here. You will check in your company in the same building you have been placed.

Check-in hours

November 18th: 13:00 - 20:00

November 19th: 08:00 - 10:00



From the station T-Centralen you take the red line towards “Mörby Centrum”. Travel to the metro station “Tekniska Högskolan”. More information about public transportation is found on


If you prefer the bus, there are several lines that passes KTH. The nearest station is “Östra station”, and is located right by “Tekniska Högskolan” metro station. More information about public transportation is found on


The number of parking slots is very limited at KTH Campus. Therefore, we encourage you to use public transportation. Note that THS Armada do not offer parking lots.


Armada transports goods to and from the fair. Our transport partner this year is DHL. The purpose with Armada Transport is to make the fair experience as smooth as possible, while reducing the number of trucks at the fair. Your goods will be transported to the fair at KTH, so that when you and colleagues arrive on November 18th to set up your booth, your goods will already be placed in your booth.

Note that it is not allowed to arrange any own transportation with external carriers other than Armada Transport (DHL). In case you for some reason must have an exception from this rule then you need a written confirmation from Armada’s Head of Logistics ( and your delivery must have recieved a time slot in advance specified in date/time. Any goods transported by external carriers will not be provided equal service as goods sent through Armada Transport.

In case you have something minor (eg small bags, boxes) which you don’t need transport aid for, then you also have the possibility to carry these goods by hand through the main entrance. It is not allowed to carry anything big and bulky since the entrances serves as emergency exits and the goods must not block these paths in case of emergency.


  • We recommend you to install your exhibitor area Monday November 18th 13:00-20:00.
  • In exceptional cases, you may install your exhibition area on early Tuesday morning November 19th. Any exhibition area that is not installed before 09:00 this day will not be provided equal assistance.
  • Synchronize your date and time of arrival with your career fair host. The host will then be able to show you where your exhibition area is located.


  • Due to the environmental impact, we want you to minimize the volume of disposables at the fair. This includes cups and give-aways. Use the waste stations available.
  • Try to find alternative ways to share information regarding internships, jobs etc than printed material. The usage of QR - codes are highly appreciated
  • Refrigerators are not allowed in any building of the fair.
  • Exhibitor materials won’t be possible to print at the fair due to a lack of printers.

Give-away policies

THS Armada has a ‘’No flyer policy’’ which means that exhibitors are strongly discouraged to distribute flyers during the fair. Use flyers only if you think that they really add any additional value to your communication with the visiting students.

Do not distribute unnecessary products that may result in waste or debris during the event. Above all, avoid plastic and products that are in packaging. If you are going to distribute give-aways, we ask you to keep them sustainable and serve a clear purpose. They should have a value for the recipient so that they come into use.



  • Sealed water bottles.
  • Wrapped candy
  • Whole fruit

Not allowed:

  • Give-aways that requires any type of machine, included popcorn machines, refrigerators etc.
  • Nuts, due to allergies and health risks.
  • Strongly scented products.

KTH Library


  • Wrapped candy
  • Sealed water bottles.

Not allowed:

  • Nothing edible/drinkable than mentioned above.
  • No helium balloons of any kind.

KTH Entré

This building has no special restrictions.


  • You have requested an amount of electrical outlets and power consumption to match the needs of your organization at the fair. Please respect your fellow exhibitors and do not use any outlets except those specifically marked with your company's name.
  • The power distribution is planned according to your specified power consumption. If you know that you need more/less power than requested or wish to change the number of requested outlets, please contact Lukas Lindroos (
  • Changes requested during the fair may not be possible.
  • If you experience technical problems, notify your host.


Wifi: KTH-Conference

Password is handed out in the information desks upon check-in.


Nymble: max 500 kg / 1.08 x 1.53 x 2.00 meters.

KTH Library: max 630 kg / 0.80 x 1.41 x 2.00 meters.



Wifi: KTH-Conference

Password is handed out in the information desks upon check-in.


Exhibitor lounges

There is one lounge for exhibitors in Kröken, Nymble and one in South-East Gallery, KTH Library. Breakfast, coffee, and fika is served here for all exhibitor representatives. Exhibitors in KTH Entré are directed to the lounges in the other two buildings.

The opening hours for the exhibitors’ lounges are:

November 19th: 08:30 - 16:00 (breakfast served 08:30 - 10:00)

November 20th: 08:30 - 14:30 (breakfast served 08:30 - 10:00)

Service- and information desks

Click here to open the map and view the information desks.

The opening hours for the information desks are:

November 19th: 08:00 - 16:00

November 20th: 09:00 - 15:00


Lunch is served between 11:00 - 14:00 in the restaurant, Syster O Bror (click here for map). Your lunch tickets will be sent digitally to the email address entered on the ticket on the morning of November 19th. Each lunch ticket have been assigned a specific time slot. Make sure to visit the lunch restaurant during these dedicated time slots.


Click here to open the map and view the wardrobes.

In case you need to lock up stuff overnight, please check the section SAFETY further down on the page.


Green Room

Location: Gamla matsalen, Nymble floor 2

Diversity Room

Location: Hyllan, Nymble floor 2

Start up Arena by KTH Innovation

Get inspired by innovative early-stage companies that have come out of KTH.

Location: KTH Entré, floor 2


All exhibition areas will be locked and patrolled during closed hours. If you would like to store any valuable items overnight we are able to offer you safety storage please visit any of the information desk for further instructions. You are able to check-in your valuables between 15.30-17.00 on the 19th and check-out between 09.00-10.30 the 20th.

  • THS Armada is not responsible for any valuables during the fair.
  • Respect your organization’s provided area and do not promote your brand elsewhere during the fair.
  • Please identify the nearest emergency exit and fire extinguisher in your exhibition room, for your own safety.
  • Please read through the safety instruction that has been provided by THS Armada prior to the fair.


Date: November 19th

Time: 18:00 - 01:00

Location: Münchenbryggeriet


All guests will be asked to confirm their attendance to the banquet by their respective career fair hosts. If there has been any changes, please notify your career fair host. All guests will receive an email before the end of the first fair day regarding their placement at the dinner. Regarding student-give-away tickets the contact information of the student needs to be reported to the information desk before 15:00.

18:00 Doors will open to the banquet

19:00 Dinner will be served

21:45 Doors will open to the after party

01:00 The after party will be closing


Internship Pitch November 19th (more information here)

Internship Pitch November 20th (more information here)

Individual Meetings (KTHB Library, more information here)

All these events require pre-registration. If you are registered for any event you should receive an email confirmation with schedule and location for the event. If you have further questions, please contact your host.


In order to browse the catalogue and read about the latest news and events, please visit our website at The website provides the feature of matchmaking between visitors and exhibitors, enabling the user to find the exhibitors most suited for them. Here you can also browse our interactive map of the fair by going to



Facebook: /thsarmada

Instagram: @thsarmada

LinkedIn: THS Armada

Flickr: THS Armada



Before leaving, a member from THS Armada will ask a representative from your organization to confirm your invoice address and also confirm any additions made to your invoice during the fair. Furthermore, you need to make sure that all exhibitor material left behind for transport or storing is properly packaged and marked with delivery address and company name. This will be done on the second fair day November 20th.


  • You will deconstruct your own exhibition area with limited assistance from your host.
  • Before leaving the area, you need to inform one in the Armada team or the information desk.
  • Your exhibition material will be transported by DHL according to what you have agreed upon. You need to assure that all your cargos are properly packaged and labeled and that your shipping address is correct. Do not leave the area until it's done. Armada’s transport coordinators can help you if you have questions regarding packaging or labeling the goods.


When the fair closes on the November 20th you are responsible for packing and labeling your goods. When you have packed and labeled your goods, you leave the goods at your booth area and the logistics team will hand it over to DHL. They will return it to you at a location and time decided in your earlier email conversation with DHL. Note that Armada is not responsible for shipping goods not booked through Armada Transport (DHL) and it is not allowed for you to leave any non-DHL goods behind, Armada have the right to charge you an administrative fee equal to the cost of storing the non-DHL goods left behind.


Your invoice will be sent to your confirmed address after the fair, no later than December 20th. General payment terms are 30 calendar days. Special payment terms must have been agreed by both parties beforehand.