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Virtual Career Fair 2020

Things taken into consideration when choosing the platform

When deciding to go virtual we wanted to focus on improving the fair concept where digital beats physical. Therefore we are using a platform that facilitates higher quality on the contacts made. In order to do this we decided on not creating a 3d world, but go for a more clean cut gallery view with filter functions.

How the platform works

You will create a profile on the platform with information about your organisation, Q&A’s, links to your career portal, pictures and videos etc. When a student enters your profile they will be able to see the content and reach out to one of your employees to talk about either topics of your choice, or just generally. If the student seems like a good candidate you can ask to start a video chat and really give an impression and maybe even encourage the student to apply for one of your current job opportunities directly from the platform.

There will also be live presentations running on the platform throughout the two days which all students visiting the fair will be able to see while online. This is a perfect opportunity for you to talk about internships, show off your office or discuss the future of your field.

How do students find exhibitors on the platform

Students will be able to see a grade of relevance based on your desired criteria. Our ambition is that this will increase relevance and therefore increase the quality of the fair in general.

How you find students on the platform

You can filter on desired programs and masters, academic age etc. on all students registered on the platform. When you have found your candidates you can reach out to them yourself as well.

How we are going to attract students to the platform

Many of our students at KTH have started reaching out asking what will happen with Armada this year, this because of struggles getting jobs. This indicates that the interest and will is larger than ever.

Since we are not planning an extensive fair at our campus, we are going to divert a lot more of our resources both manpower and money towards internal marketing. One of the greatest measures of getting people online is our Armada Competition. We are going to gamify the platform in a way nudging students to create a full profile, chat with more exhibitors and visit more live presentations. The students that perform the best will get great prizes. You can be a part of sponsoring the competition with either monetary proceeds or with items.

A talent pool created after the fair

Your chats will be saved on the platform during a time period after the fair. These chats can be treated like a talent pool meaning that you can stay in touch with the students and make sure that you do not only meet them once, but follow them over time.

Insights after the fair

Computers are great at compiling information and gathering data. After the fair you can request your fair insights containing which degrees the students are taking, what graduation year you have attracted, how many students have visited etc.

This data can be used to further improve your marketing towards students when segmenting target groups and analyzing if your current strategy is working as intended.

Creating your virtual booth

The steps of creating a virtual booth are few and easy. All of the large technical university fairs have decided to use the same platform meaning that you only have to create your booth once even if you decide to exhibit in other parts of the country as well.

Once you register for the fair you will receive a link and guidelines on how to create the booth. THS Armada and our fair partner will be at hand for support for setting up the booths, however it is a very simple process that we do not expect you to need help with.

The four steps are:

  1. Booth settings
  2. Chat topics settings
  3. Candidate requirements
  4. Team

The time it will take will depend on what material you already possess, but the process will take between half an hour and a few hours.

You can read more about creating your booth in the virtual fair guide.



3rd of Aug - Registration for the Virtual Fair Opens
13th of September - Registration for the Virtual Fair Closes
26th of October - 17th November - Event weeks
3rd of November – Deadline to create your Virtual Booth
17th- 18th November - Armada Virtual Career Fair


How do we register for the THS ARMADA Virtual Career Fair?

Anyone can sign up to this year’s fair since space is unlimited. To register you go to and login.

Can my company get more exposure during the fair?

Many opportunities are available for you as a company to go the extra mile before and during these days to get more exposure. Here are some examples:

  • Increased exposure on Graduateland
  • Your logo presented on Armada website
  • Be a part of one of our short films

Otherwise we can always create a customized offer that suits your company’s vision.

Can we sponsor Virtual Armada?

Yes, absolutely! You as an exhibitor can sponsor Armada in many ways, even if you are not exhibiting the virtual fair. We are more than happy to discuss partnership opportunities with you.

We signed up during the initial registration period. What has happened to our contracts?

All contracts already signed for the physical event will be made void. On August 3rd, we will open the virtual career fair registration. The registration period will close on September 13th.


Is it possible to cancel my registration?

Cancellation of registration is possible between August 3rd and September 13th and it comes with a proportional fee translating 50% of the total virtual base kit price. If you decide to cancel your participation after September 13th you will pay the full price of the fair and amendments.

Virtual Platform (Graduateland)

What is Graduateland?

Graduateland is an online service that connects current university students and recent graduates with employers.

How Does it Work?

Companies and students are able to create a profile on the platform and upload their specific material or resumé, as well as match together to establish employment.

How do we communicate with the students?

As an exhibitor you can easily view the full database and see profiles of all the students attending the fair, especially your virtual exhibition. When desirable, you have the opportunity to reach out to relevant and interesting candidates on the platform.

How do you get the best student match?

All users on the platform will have a score of how well a profile matches with another one. You will be able to filter search and therefore increase relevance and reduce the time wasted.

How will Armada ensure students will attend the platform?

Students will prior to the career fair create their virtual profiles in order to be able to participate. We at Armada will be announcing this process several weeks before the career fair taking place.