Information for Exhibitors

Welcome to the career fair of 2020. Because of the current circumstances THS Armada, as well as many other fairs, will be arranged on a​ virtual platform with a hybrid of​ virtual and physical restriction compliant event weeks this year. We want to give you a great experience to remember. Therefore, we are in the process of gathering everything you need to know before, during and after the fair. We are going to be updating this page with information as we go along. In the meantime - do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

General Info

The registration for this year’s virtual THS Armada fair will be open between August 3rd and September 13th! If you and your company want to be apart of Armada 2020 you will then register at​ Would you like a reminder when the registration opens? Fill in this form: Reminder form for THS Armada 2020.

Dates: November 17th-18th


The platform that will be used is designed to optimize relevance and thus reduce the noise between students and exhibitors, streamline the application process and simplify the post-processing of the candidates met during the fair. This will be done, among other things, through an algorithm matching student profiles with what you are looking for, links from your job ads directly from the platform and the opportunity to look back at the conversations you have had with students post fair.

  • What does a virtual fair actually look like?

We will showcase material and go through the platform in depth as we contact you after the registration period opens in August and the beginning of September. In short, exhibitors and students gather on the same online platform. You as an exhibitor will create a profile with text, image and video material as well as choose what skills you are looking for for your career opportunities. With the information as a basis, you can chat live with students. If you find the candidate interesting, you can start a video call. During both career fair days, there will be the opportunity to arrange live presentations directly on the platform. Why not pitch that internship, talk about your new product or showcase your cool office?

Before the fair


Creating your booth on the platform is an easy 4 step process. We will be using the same platform as several other technical university fairs, meaning that you can reuse your booth between fairs. If you are only going to exhibit at THS Armada you will be guided by us and our partner in how to create it efficiently. It will take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on what employer branding material you already have. You will be able to create your booth as soon as you have registered to the fair so that students can start researching you on the platform, however you can edit the information up until a few days prior to the fair.


No travelling

You will be able to exhibit at the virtual fair from wherever you are situated in the world. If it is your own home desk or at your office - you choose!

During the fair



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Your invoice will be sent to your confirmed address after the fair, no later than December 20th. General payment terms are 30 calendar days. Special payment terms must have been agreed by both parties beforehand.