Information for Exhibitors


What is THS Armada?

THS Armada is a student-driven project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology that arranges the largest career fair in Scandinavia. Every year, more than 12,000 of Sweden's top engineering and architectural students flock to visit the fair to meet their future employers. The Fair is a two-day event with companies from all over the world.

This year we will repeat the success from last year with a virtual fair to make sure our exhibitors and vistors can connect in a safe way. In addition, we will build lounges at KTH where students can enjoy the virtual fair and still get the feel of a physical fair.

Why THS Armada?

THS Armada is a unique opportunity for exhibitors to market themselves to students at the biggest technical university in Sweden. First and foremost through our fair but Armada is so much more. We create opportunities outside of the fair for our exhibitors to engage with and recruit students through interactive events, customized events and a banquet dinner amongst other activities. Our vision is to allow every student to meet their dream employer and give companies the possibility to find their next star.

Armada is an established event and this year will be the 40th Armada in a row. Students at KTH are constantly gazing into the future and we want to lead to bring them and your company together.


To register your company to Armada Virtual Fair 2021, go to

Important Dates

Initial registration - 19th of April - 28th of May

Final registration - 23rd of August - 17th of September

Event weeks - 1-19th of November

The fair - 23rd-24th of November

Grand banquet - 23rd of November

Core Values

We at THS Armada believe that our core values Sustainability and Diversity are crucial for the workings of any organization. Therefore, we value that our exhibitors share our views and choose to highlight exhibitors that do. During our event weeks leading up to the fair, we have what we call Focus Days, one for each core value. During these days we invite companies that lead by example to host events such as lunch lectures, case events etc.

During the fair we will highlight companies that we believe share our core values. To learn more contact our Head of Sustainability or Head of Diversity.


Armada is more than a two day fair. If your company wants to host an event for KTH students, we are here to help. Why not present your company during a lecture, meet ambitious students during a case evening or mingle with your future employees at a relaxed AW? Contact our sales team at to find out more and create the event best suited for your company.


Armada aspires to welcome your company to our Grand Banquet to celebrate the fair and to create a more relaxed environment to meet future employees. However, due to the current situation, it is yet undecided which form the banquet will take. The health and safety of our exhibitors and students is our main priority. We will be in touch with more information regarding the event and how you can proceed to purchase tickets for your company.


Let Armada help your company stand out and boost your employer brand. We offer many services for your company to reach the KTH students through our different social media. Market events or job offers through a post or share what a day at your office is like through an Instagram takeover. Reach out to our sales team to hear more about how your company can get seen by future employees,

Custommade Lounge

During the fair Armada will host lounges where students can hang out and enjoy the fair. A custom-made lounge is an entire lounge designated to your company. You can send us roll-ups, merch etc and we will set up your lounge to create a physical fair both, like in the good old times. The goal is to make sure that your company get the branding you need and bring the atmosphere of a physical fair.

Armada Competition

Armada Competition is an incentive introduced during last year's fair to increase connections between students and companies. It was a big success and is therefore back this year. In short, students have the chance to win exclusive prizes by interacting with companies during the fair. Your company can participate with prizes to reach out in yet another way to the KTH students. Learn more from our sales team,



How do I register for the fair?

You can register at

When is the last day to register for the fair?

28th of May

Can our company get more exposure?

Yes, there are lots of ways to get more exposure for your company. For example, you can register for the partner kit which includes additional features during the fair, individual marketing and unlimited job adverts during the fair.

Another way to stand out is through a Custommade Lounge. During the fair Armada will build lounges where students can hang out and attend the fair. The lounges will bring the visitors the atmosphere of a physical fair even in these challenging times. You will be able to send us merch, roll-ups etc to create a physical booth to compliment your digital one.

You can also market your company through Armada’s different social media channels and even have an Instagram Takeover.

An individual event could also be of interest. Armada offers lectures, case evenings or a customized event of your choice.

Contact our sales team at to work out what suits your company best.

How do we become a partner?

To become a partner you register your interest in the partner kit on the registration page. As a partner you will not only stand out from the crowd but also boost your employer branding through a variety of marketing towards our students. Note that there is a limited amount of companies that can sign up for the partner kit. To learn more, contact our sales team at

We would like more information, where do we turn?

Head over to our contact page.

Virtual Fair

What is a virtual fair?

A Virtual Fair is just like any other fair, but digital! It is hosted on a digital platform where companies and students can meet in a virtual environment through chats, video calls, webinars, and breakout rooms. Students create individual accounts and upload their resume which is then used to match students to companies. Companies will also have their own digital booth where you can present your company, host games, have quizzes and so on. Only your imagination sets the rules.

What is Graduateland?

Graduateland is the platform on which we host the Armada Virtual Fair. It allows companies to connect with students as well as give branding opportunities through a digital booth. It also allows students to create a profile that helps match your company with students with the right experience and interests.

How will we communicate with students during the fair?

To communicate with the students our digital platform offers a range of different types of communication. Chatrooms, individual conference calls and breakout rooms where students can drop in at any time and join the conversation or just eavesdrop. You can also reach out to our students through Pop-Up Messages or by hosting a Webinar.

Will there be any physical events during the fair?

There will be no physical events where exhibitors can join during the fair. However, you do have the opportunity to create a branded student area, a Custommade Lounge,where students can hang out during the fair. This is a great way to get more company branding during the fair.


Is it possible to add more marketing for our company?

Yes, we offer Instagram and Facebook posts as well as Instagram takeovers. Contact our sales team to learn more,

Can our company market job offers etc through Armada?

Yes! For starters, you can market your job offers during the fair. Add unlimited job offers if you have many interesting positions. You can also choose to market your job offers through Armada’s social media. Either via a post or via an Instagram takeover. Or why not have an event where you present your job offers and get the chance to meet KTH students at the same time? Contact our sales team at to find what suits your needs.


What kind of events can our company host together with Armada?

Armada offers lectures, case events and participation at the panel at our Innovation night. You can also choose to participate in Armada Run or in Armada Competition. If you want a customized event, contact our sales team at to work out an event that is perfect for you.