Virtual THS Armada 2020

Warm welcome to our new concept – virtual THS Armada 2020! We are happy to once again give you the opportunity to shape your future.

We have gathered the best exhibitors on our platform. You can create your profile as we speak! The platform will enhance your Armada experience by making information such as requested education, skills, level of degree clear. When doing so you will be able to get a better overview of the opportunities and find the fits you had not before thought of.

You will be able to interact with the exhibitors by text, audio and video depending on your preference. If you want, you can start booking individual meetings. If you prefer, you can watch live presentations and get a deeper understanding of topics ranging from company specific to future challenges.

As long as you have a profile on the site, you have the chance to be headhunted for applying for jobs at what could be your dream workplace – all at the same place –

Armada Competition - the game

The information below applies to Armada 2020, but stay tuned for another edition in 2021. The winners have been contacted through email. Hope you all enjoyed the fair. See you next year!

This year, not only your future and your career is in the prizepool. You also have the chance to win a weekend with a brand new Volvo, all expenses paid for by Volvo Cars! Armada, together with our prize sponsors, will in total hand out 50 prizes to students who are active at the fair! All you have to do to be in the running is register at the fair.

So how does it work? When you register at the fair you will get one lottery ticket. Collect more tickets by filling out your personal profile to 90% or more, interacting with the companies through chatting with them, looking at booths and attending webinars. After the fair we will draw the winners. One ticket will be awarded the Grand Prize, and in total, 50 tickets will be winners! For more information click here.

So will you go around trying to get as good a chance as possible to win? Or will you be confident in your luck?

Questions? Contact me!

Josefine Havdelin

Project Manager 2021

Prize Sponsors

What has happened to the event weeks?

Events, in this year’s Armada, will also be held to a large extent digitally. As much as possible will be as before with registration for events and information. So, start networking, get inspired over a lunch lecture, visit the virtual fair itself, and much more. Take a look at all the events presented by THS Armada by looking at the events tab.