Core value: Sustainability

Our perspective on sustainability

Sustainability has multiple meanings and can refer to environmental, social and economical sustainability amongst other things. Environmental sustainability entails minimising our impact on the environment to the benefit of a more sustainable future for coming generations. We achieve this goal by actively considering the environment in the choices we make, aligning businesses, education, economics and technology to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. One might think that it's the responsibility of large corporations or dominant political figures to lead us in the transition towards environmental sustainability. However, this is something that affects us all, and therefore the necessary change is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Why does THS Armada focus on sustainability?

As students, we have the unique opportunity to influence the industry to make more environmentally sound decisions. An industry we're about to be a part of. It boils down to creating better conditions for the environment, leaving behind a world in a better state than in which we found it. The future is dependant upon the society's and industry's change towards environmentally friendly processes and perspectives.

We at THS Armada want to do our part by ensuring that our impact on the environment is as small as possible. We continuously try to identify areas within our organisation that we can make more environmentally sustainable. We believe that when arranging an event of this magnitude, it's our responsibility to ensure that it's as eco friendly as possible.

Finally, we want to help promote companies that actively work towards a more sustainable industry, which is why we host a special area at the fair, called Green Room.

What is Green Room?

Green Room is a place where we host companies that pursue a more environmentally sustainable organisation. These companies intend to minimise their impact on the environment and embrace the change of a more sustainable future.

What THS Armada does to promote this core value

  • Digitalisation
    • Minimize the amount of hard print in all communication and marketing
    • Improve our digital platforms in order to increase their use
  • Consumption
    • Take environmentally conscious decisions regarding food and beverages, e.g. an all vegetarian fair and banquette
    • We prioritise fair-trade and organic products in all our purchasing decisions. For example all clothes worn by members of THS Armada are both fair-trade and organic
    • Carpets and signs used for the fair are stored carefully to ensure their reuse
  • Waste
    • Minimise the waste volume by restricting handouts from companies participating at the fair
    • Optimise the order volume in order to prevent unnecessary waste
    • Minimise the amount of disposables used by companies and students at the fair
  • Carbon offset
    • THS Armada climate compensate in collaboration with Tricorona for all the Events, the Career Fair and the Banquette
  • Eco events
    • All events arranged by THS Armada are labeled as Eco Events - a certificate awarded by Keep Sweden Tidy
  • Transportation
    • Armada offers exhibitors Armada Transport - a coordinated transport effort with the intent of reducing CO2 emissions

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