Webinar 7th of May: Digital success - how to succeed on a virtual fair

Event name: “Digital Framgång: så lyckas du på en digital mässa”
Date and time: 7/5 from 12:15 to 13:00
Description: See details below and attend the linkedIn event to recive updates and more information
Speakers: Leonard Hökby
Target audience: Companies and organizations interested in digital fairs
Broadcast link: Zoom Link

A digital fair is something entirely different from a large number of booths, commotion and crowd of a physical fair. It is effective, serene and focused. But also cold and distant. 

Social beings as we are, we feel like we get a better connection at a physical fair, even if most of the people we talk to won’t remember our name at the end of the day. A digital fair allows us to save contact information automatically, connect in recruitment systems and talent pools, but still, we feel so much distance. What can be done about it?

We will answer the question of how we can utilize the practicality and efficiency of a digital fair and create meaningful connections despite the distance of a website.

We want to invite you to a webinar on the issue “Digital framgång: hur man lyckas på en digital mässa” (in Swedish). Hosted from 12:15 to 13:00 on the 7th of May. The webinar is open for everyone but is aimed towards those who are responsible for student fairs at your organization. Check out the event on LinkedIn where updates and more information will be relesed.

Leonard Hökby will talk about what you and we can do to get the most out of a digital fair, no matter who you are. For those who have not exhibited before this will be a solid foundation, and if have exhibited digitally before this will help you find some gold nuggets to take you one step further. The content is based on THS Armadas experiences of how our most successful exhibitors worked last year and on Leonards personal experience as responsible for Armadas digital platform 2020, as a student, and as a digital exhibitor for Sweco.

PS. The event will be held in Swedish but if you are interested in an English version, reach out to Leonard Hökby and we can set something up!

A warm welcome

//Leonard Hökby and the entire THS Armada family.


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