The career fair of 2017 - certified as an eco-labeled event

"Keep Sweden Tidy manages an environmental award: Eco-labeled Event – The Foundation’s Environmental Award for Events (Miljömärkt Event) are given to public events, for example contests and concerts, which work actively on reducing their environmental impact."

One of THS Armada's core values is environmental sustainability and we constantly make decisions and improvements in direction of our core values. Therefore, all events of 2017 arranged by THS Armada is labled as Eco Events. This means that we have taken an active step to reduce our environmental and climate impact through a comprised checklist. The criterias of an Eco-labeled Event covers eight categories including waste management, transport and climatic influence.

#Do you want to make an impact?

As an attendant on THS Armada's events, you can do a lot to contribute to a more sustainable environment:

- Always chose vegetarian options - THS Armada only offers 100% vegetarian food on all events.

- Walk, bicycle or chose the bus/metro instead of taking the car.

- Chose tap water instead of bottled water.

- Avoid stand-by on your technical devices (phone, computer, tablet..)

- Sort your waste

- Turn the light off when you leave a room

- Only buy what you really need and take care of what you have.

- Take good care of each other