Sustainability is one of the key elements required in making the world a better place, a place where humanity and nature can live together in harmony without depleting the resources of nature. At THS Armada sustainability is a fundamental of all operations as it is one of our core values, together with Diversity. We reach out to a large scale of people and believe that with this comes a responsibility to encourage a more sustainable living. The THS Armada’s Sustainability policy can be found here:

Did you know that...

Green Room

THS Armada has dedicated an area at the career fair to bring attention to the core value sustainability. The special area is known as the Green Room. As the fair is going digital this year, the Green Room will be a place to get more familiar with the concept of sustainability and how THS Armada works for becoming more sustainable, as well as acquainting with companies that we deem to be the frontrunners in our vision for a sustainable future. These companies have been carefully selected by the Sustainability Team, using a set of meaningful criteria developed by the team, called the Armada Sustainability Index (ASI). More information about the ASI can be found further below.

Visiting the Green Room is a must if you are interested in sustainability, the environment or if you just want to know how the selected companies work with sustainability. For this year there will also be some fun games in the Green Room! If you want to visit the virtual booths or get in touch with the companies remember to visit the digital fair at Graduateland.

Sustainability Day

THS Armada believes that it is important to talk, inform and discuss sustainability to get a better understanding of the concept and what it means in practise. To fulfill this THS Armada will dedicate a whole day to events related to sustainability. The day takes place during the Event Week and the date is Thursday November 12th.

Armada Sustainability Index

The Green Room companies are selected together with the ASI, of which the SDGs are one of the main aspects. You can find more information about the ASI via the button below:

Armada 2020 was climate neutral

Last year, THS Armada 2020 climate compensated for all caused carbon dioxide emissions. Which meant that all carbon dioxide emissions were calculated and compensated for by investments in projects that contribute to reduced and avoided emissions. In parallel with this, THS Armada is working hard with reducing the use of resources and taking environmental impacts into account when making decisions. For example, all carpets at the physical fair are reused and all food served is vegetarian.

The climate compensation will be done through that manages three projects, of which two are in India and one in Panama. The emission calculations are based on various flows associated with transportation, goods, waste, food, energy usage and more during the events as well as the career fair.

One of the indian projects is located in Sri Balaji and contributes to biomass production, whereas the other indian project is located in Bhilwara and involves development of sunpower. The third project is in Panama and involves planting of trees and restoration of habitats for endangered animals. In addition to reduced environmental impacts the projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including social, environmental and economical sustainability. Together they have contributed to more than 300 safe employments, more than 50 children have secured education in the area, more than 7.5 millions of trees are planted and 15 red-listed endangered animal species have been given a new home. Furthermore, the annual energy supply generated is enough for more than 143 000 indian households.

THS Armada 2020 emitted 6.2 tonnes of CO2-emissions and will compensate for that and even more. We have compensated for 10.5 tonnes of CO2-emissions, which means that we are climate positive! A certification for the climate compensation can be seen below:

What does sustainability mean to you?

Josefine Havdelin

Project Manager 2021

How do you work with sustainability?

We choose environmentally friendly materials, reduce single use as much as we can and serve socially responsible food. We discuss it frequently within the team and we are also planning on having a sustainability workshop.

What are the biggest challenges?

Change the way we look at decorations as “one use only” and still manage to make it look incredible and memorable. How to develop the things we already do but still keep the budget.

Why is sustainability important to you?

In order to maintain the wildlife and nature we need to be responsible and make choices that are good for the earth and not just ourselves.

Daniel Aston

Project Manager 2020

How do you work with sustainability?

As it is one of our core values, we integrate it in everything we do.

What are the biggest challenges?

Definitely sustainable workload, since we are also students studying full time.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I strongly believe that it makes the world a better place for everyone, and I want that.

Elias Ljunggren

Head of Service & Sponsorship 2020

How do you work with sustainability?

I work with sustainability by looking for solutions where economics and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Specifically when I order clothes for Armada and the consumables we will have in the lounges.

What are the biggest challenges?

To get a good price for a sustainable product. The quality is often higher for an environmentally friendly product and it is important to find a balance between price and sustainability.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I study energy and the environment at KTH, so I have become aware of the challenges we face. It is important that sustainability imbues all the work we do and our everyday lives!

Help us become more sustainable

Do you have any ideas or suggestions to help us work more sustainable? We would love to hear them!