Sustainability is one of the key elements required in making the world a better place, a place where humanity and nature can live together in harmony without depleting nature’s resources. It is because of this that Sustainability is in the core of our operations. THS Armada’s Sustainability policy can be found here:

Green Room

THS Armada has dedicated an area of the fair to companies that we deem to be the frontrunners in our vision for a sustainable future. This area is known as the Green Room. The exhibitors in Green Room are eager to share their work in regards to minimising their environmental impact. Visiting Green Room is a must if you’re interested in sustainability, the environment or if you just want to know how different companies can work with sustainability.

Exhibitors in Green Room 2019 and the reasoning for having them in the room can be found here:

Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day is an entire day dedicated to sustainability. The day takes place during the Event Week This year it will be combined with Innovation Night. Stay tuned for the exact date of Sustainability Day 2020!

Climate Compensation

This year, THS Armada offers the participating companies to climate compensate for their visit. The climate compensation is done by either investing in sustainable projects in developing countries, or by planting trees. The emission calculations are based on transportation of participants and various flows associated with goods, waste, food use and energy usage during events as well as the career fair. The companies that climate compensate their visit through THS Armada will receive a climate compensation symbol during the fair on the Armada website. We are climate compensating through

Armada Sustainability Index

Want to check out how we decide which exhibitors gets a spot in Green Room? Click the button below.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Daniel Aston

Project Manager

How do you work with sustainability?

As it is one of our core values, we integrate it in everything we do.

What are the biggest challenges?

Definitely sustainable workload, since we are also students studying full time.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I strongly believe that it makes the world a better place for everyone, and I want that.

Josefine Havdelin

Head of Banquet

How do you work with sustainability?

We choose environmentally friendly materials, reduce single use as much as we can and serve socially responsible food. We discuss it frequently within the team and we are also planning on having a sustainability workshop.

What are the biggest challenges?

Change the way we look at decorations as “one use only” and still manage to make it look incredible and memorable. How to develop the things we already do but still keep the budget.

Why is sustainability important to you?

In order to maintain the wildlife and nature we need to be responsible and make choices that are good for the earth and not just ourselves.

Elias Ljunggren

Head of Service & Sponsorship

How do you work with sustainability?

I work with sustainability by looking for solutions where economics and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Specifically when I order clothes for Armada and the consumables we will have in the lounges.

What are the biggest challenges?

To get a good price for a sustainable product. The quality is often higher for an environmentally friendly product and it is important to find a balance between price and sustainability.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I study energy and the environment at KTH, so I have become aware of the challenges we face. It is important that sustainability imbues all the work we do and our everyday lives!

Help us become more sustainable

Do you have any ideas or suggestions to help us work more sustainable? We would love to hear them!