Armada is almost here!

30/10 kl 18:30

Whether you are looking for a Master’s thesis project, a summer job, an internship, or just wanting to fill up your stock of pencils, you should take the time to take an extra look at out calendar. At this year’s Armada we offer a wide selection of different events that will please both your practical and problem solving skills. Or why not go listen to Facebook, Ericsson, SJ, Trafikverket, King... Läs mer


Armadaloppet Tips & Interview

4/10 kl 15:56

Armada’s 5 km running race Armadaloppet, which pits students and employers against each other, is only a few days away (8/10). You might be considering running the race or have already signed up. To give you a little extra motivation, I have interviewed last year’s winning female participant, Elin Oresten. She answered a few questions ... Läs mer