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Shape THS Armada

Join the Armada team and help students shape their future!

The Armada team is completely made up of KTH students. Together we create a whole years worth of events and platforms for students to find their dream job and learn more about their future industry. Joining the Armada team is an amazing opportunity for personal development, making new friendships and gaining experiences that you can’t get in any class!

The Armada team consists of around 250 people and is divided into four subgroups:

Logistics & Career Fair: Creates the career fair experience through intensive planning and logistics. The final result is a two day career fair with 12 000 visitors which is the foundation of the relationship between students and companies.

Business, Relations & Events: Builds long lasting relationships with businesses, arranges spectacular high quality events and hosts a grand banquet for 600 people This team is the core to all our contact with companies and partners.

Marketing & Communication: The key to a successful project is great communication, both internally and externally. People need to know about Armada, our events and activities as well as the benefits of attending the fair. A successful Marketing & Communication team is key to a successful THS Armada.

IT: In a digital era, the digitisation process is one of the core pillars of THS Armada. Turning creative ideas from all groups into reality enhances the Armada experience for all members, visitors and exhibitors. Our very own AIS lets companies and students sign up for Armada and our website is the home for all important information about Armada. The IT team makes all this possible!

Application is closed, stay tuned for new roles

Meet the Armada team

A message from our Project Group

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Join Armada, a dynamic and innovative organization that brings students and companies together, and opens doors to a world of limitless opportunities!

Imagine stepping beyond the borders of your chapter and forging connections with like-minded individuals from across the globe. As an Armada member, you'll expand your horizons, making lifelong friends from diverse backgrounds, enriching your perspective in ways you never thought possible.

But that's not all. As an Armada member you'll get free access to our prestigious Grand Banquet and its afterparty, which will take place at Berns in central Stockholm during in November. You also get free access to Armada's very own cruise party taking place in December.

Don't miss the chance to be part of something bigger – join Armada and sail toward a horizon of friendships, experiences, and growth. Your journey starts here

So, how is all this organised?

Think of the Armada team as a big circle.

Project Manager: In the center we have the one and only Project Manager, PM. The PM is in charge of, and has the main responsibility for, everything! The Project Manager position is recruited at the KårStyrelse election in October/November.

Project Group: Surrounding the Project Manager in the Armada circle we have the Project Group. The Project Group is the core team of up to 20 students working with managing different parts of THS Armada from February to December. It is the single best opportunity for personal development, new friendships and experiences. Things that you simply cannot learn in class! The Project Group is divided into the four subgroups above. Each subgroup works within separate areas, but all subgroups need to cooperate to create the Armada Experience. The Project group is recruited in January/February.

Operation Team: Further out in the circle we have the Operation Team, OT. All the different divisions within Armada have their own OT members working in teams to simply get everything done. The Operation Team is recruited in April/May.

Hosts: Last but not least, surrounding everyone in the Armada circle we have the hosts. The hosts are the very backbone of Armada. As a host you can have different responsibilities ranging from being a company contact person to a photographer to being responsible for one of the many lounges during the fair. Hosts are recruited in the beginning of September.

The different layers in the circle have different levels of responsibility. All so You can find the role that suits you and your schedule best.

Perks of joining the Armada team:

  • Real work-life experience
  • Boost your CV
  • Pre access to all events in Armada in November and throughout the year
  • Learn how to interview
  • Attend the Grand Banquet
  • Inside connections with employers
  • Team building activities with companies
  • Friends for life
  • Merch & tons of fun


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