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THS Armada

In 1981, someone realised that students from KTH and their future employers needed a place to meet. And so they arranged the first ever Armada Fair. 39 years later, THS Armada has become the largest student driven project at KTH, annually attracting close to 180 organisations and 12 000 visitors through a number of events, a banquet and the beloved Armada Fair.

The Armada Team consist of KTH students and the THS Armada project continues until November 2020. It is an amazing opportunity for personal development, new friendships and experiences that you would not get in any class! The Armada Team is divided into four subgroups. Each subgroup works within separate areas, but all subgroups need to cooperate to create the Armada Experience.


The application for hosts will not open this fall! Next recruitment period is in January for the Project Group. If you have any questions about THS Armada and upcoming recruitment, contact Project Manager, Daniel with your questions at

Application is closed, stay tuned for new roles

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