#Recruitment 2018

Apply no later than April 22nd 23:59!

The team of THS Armada creates more than just a career fair - they create platforms where students and companies can shape their future. Together.

THS Armada is the largest organisation in Scandinavia, annually attracting 180 companies and 12.000 visitors through a number of events and the beloved fair. The project continues until November 2018. THS Armada believes that diversity & inclusion creates the most innovative teams, that sustainability is the cornerstone to a better future and that engagement is the main key for students and companies to find each other. Being a part of THS Armada is an amazing opportunity for challenges, new friendship, personal development and the chance to make an impact.

The organization is divided into four subgroups:

Business Relations & Events: Builds long lasting business relationships and is the core to all contact with exhibitors and partners and in addition, arranges spectacular high quality events.

Career Fair and Logistics: Creates the whole two day career fair experience with 12.000 visitors, which is the foundation of the relationship between students and exhibitors.

Marketing and Communication: Shapes the brand and the face of the whole organisation through great communication, internally and externally.

IT: Turns ideas into reality to enhance the experience of THS Armada in all areas. Digitalisation is one of the core pillars for the organisation.

Application is closed, stay tuned for new roles